Hellscape by Sam Sorenson

Well, the first comment one must make with Hellscape is why in the hell has Sam Sorenson not made a feature film yet?! Hellscape is something you’ve seen before. What happens is all too predictable. A woman runs, she is captured… and an investigation unfolds, a priest talks about the meaning of God’s intentions. The […]

The Shed by Charles Dekker

The Shed opens with some lovely scene-setting moments: a darkly lit house, a wild wig, an axe… the film doesn’t waste any time introducing itself as a themed horror film, one which encapsulates the sense of a world already in a state of terror. And at its heart there is a very unique performance – […]

Oh Jeff! by Chris Rourke

The instantly grabbing element of Oh Jeff! is actually a formalist one. This isn’t a side-by-side horror venture: there’s no guts, no run and gun, no horror show with screaming victims… but there is plenty of comical performance here, and a post-modern and very social contextual idea that surrounds the main structure of the film. […]

Red Pill by Tonya Pinkins

Oh boy. Where does one start? So, Red Pill is a kind of resort film gone wrong. But it is also more than that – this isn’t just your plain ‘horror’ troupe of the cabin in the woods meet-up film. It’s more kind of like The Handmaid’s Tale blended in an actual blender with political […]

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