• Death Screens is a fun and well-colored short film with a bold sense of genre – it almost recalls the Italian Giallo genre, with a strong lead performance from its young male actor (Landon Flory). The overall style of the edit is one of the strongest for short films – it is a clear idea […]
  • The instantly grabbing element of Oh Jeff! is actually a formalist one. This isn’t a side-by-side horror venture: there’s no guts, no run and gun, no horror show with screaming victims… but there is plenty of comical performance here, and a post-modern and very social contextual idea that surrounds the main structure of the film. […]
  • Oh boy. Where does one start? So, Red Pill is a kind of resort film gone wrong. But it is also more than that – this isn’t just your plain ‘horror’ troupe of the cabin in the woods meet-up film. It’s more kind of like The Handmaid’s Tale blended in an actual blender with political […]
  • William Stancik’s Red Hill Phantasia is barking mad. And that might actually be an understatement! – whacky woo there’s greenscreen galore in this… for the most part the effects are really low key, and personally, I’d actually suggest the team check out Red Giant, because applying one of their VHS effects might help bolster the […]
  • The Eve suffers from one very key unfortunate thing: it hasn’t aged well. The digitisation process, and the image quality with it, forces the audience to immediately feel as if they are witnessing something a little dated and out of sorts. However, this isn’t actually entirely true. The film is quite well designed, and carries […]

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