Death Screens by Nicholas Alexander


Death Screens is a fun and well-colored short film with a bold sense of genre – it almost recalls the Italian Giallo genre, with a strong lead performance from its young male actor (Landon Flory).

The overall style of the edit is one of the strongest for short films – it is a clear idea of a film’s directional pull and pace thanks to the snazzy smart cuts. The emphasis on sound, which is built-in with this, is quite creative, and rather fitting within the silent film genre – which this film really flexes.

The poster and overall coherence of the short film’s visuals though is quite great. It has a sense of direction, sub-genre and texture that is quite exciting … I mean, look at the poster?! It’s just got that audience enticing smash fest to it!

And there is a sense of the DIY filmmaker at play here! Рthe kind of individual that grabs a camera and shoots what they can.. and it is commendable… one thought must add that of course it would be exciting to see a longer piece and one that involved characters that went beyond the simple archetypes.

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