Iron Nest of the Moon by Ensemble


Iron Nest of the Moon is directed by a whole team of directors – and with this, you’d expect the styles to be distinctly different to the point that there was chaos to be had… luckily, this is not the case at all. There is plenty to love about this project, and one of its main points of success is the collaborative mode of this project.

Likewise, there’s an ensemble cast. There is a lovely touch of comedy here – the host is self-aware of the project’s tone, which is nicely tied-in with the feeling of this being a late-night show that we can relax and wince at. Streaming platforms wish they could recreate late-night telecasts of this kind. The thing that you’d watch on, daze at relish the tone and mood.

The biggest highlight are fairly strange opposites of the spectrum – the script is very caricature-heavy (in a good entertaining fashion) and the photographic/editorial style is almost experimental, including uses of heavy digital effects.

The punchline comes in the form of a concluding Webseries punchline of the host becoming the subject of the show. I was almost disappointed at this junction – as there was no need to round up the plot, as one could enjoy an extended run of another season.

I guess what one is saying overall is that this was a real winner. Yes – it is low budget… but it has more fun in it than most web series, and the retro presentation is well received. The cast seem to have a great time, and the very consistent quality (no matter how restrictive budget-wise) is really superb for a web series.

Also – the closing musical number was amazing. Could we have another outing as a musical?!

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