Infection by Michael Davis


Infection explores two horrors: the first – the act of infection, the second – the act of voyeurism. The film’s combo of these two elements is quite similar to the Claude Chabrol double-handlers, such as exploitation and voyeurism, madness and voyeurism etc.

The short carries great voyeuristic tone though, this is both in terms of its visual photography (entirely shot on mobile phones?) and the intimacy we have with the film’s text messaging; which helps develop a sort of primitive cinema language (the audience need to interpret the text and visuals in order to understand the story, rather than just listen to dialogue etc.

A nasty video bit of Infection.

The film’s core highlight though is its actual use of film form: the edit, the brashness of the sound… it is all so ‘in your face’. Digitisation of this nature triggers memories of those mid-2000’s films: it seems, now, like then, the explosion of technology had interrupted our daily lives and seeped into our nightmares.

So, if you fancy watching Meganne Kocher deliver some top acting as she is being terrorized through her phone, then – we suggest you snuggle up, cover yourself in a blanket, dim the lights and watch this delight on mobile phone with headphones! HA

Long story short: Infection is a great chiller by Michael Davis and team.

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