It’s Here by Michael Davis


Covid-19 has had many bad moments… but one of the only upsides is the great lengths people have gone to remain creative during these strange times. And Michael Davis is one of these people.

With It’s Here, horror is stumped up as a delightful 2minutes 30seconds event. It’s got that CryptTV factor: fantastic horror elements, solid acting and a faced paced set up.

Downside? There aren’t any really. The short boasts two fantastic performances from its leading ladies (Meganne Kocher and Molly Souza), a fun cameo from the film’s director and slick use of minimalist video-chat to exhibit real fear through the forced perspective of voyeurism (we literally join in on the act of seeing someone being attacked).

If anything is actually a problem, then it might be the length (this feels very short, like a tease) and the fact that it is entirely in video chat (the market is saturated with these films now). But these are minor issues. Very small.

With a bombastic sound design to boot, It’s Here is one of the better shorts to come out of the lockdown routine… and in all honesty, it is good enough to capture your attention beyond the ‘lockdown’ restrictions. It is a fantastic short film that races to the finish with a grin.

Oh and the only real thing this has got us hungry for is the next ordeal. Can Davis please make another horror with this creature?!

OK. Excuse me. Getting a video call from someone. Hope I live to tell the tale!

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