The Eve by Luca Machnich


The Eve suffers from one very key unfortunate thing: it hasn’t aged well. The digitisation process, and the image quality with it, forces the audience to immediately feel as if they are witnessing something a little dated and out of sorts.

However, this isn’t actually entirely true. The film is quite well designed, and carries itself together like a well-crafted machine – there’s a lot of impressive camera work and fun editing in this picture.

The Eve poster.

As horrors go as well (in the genre sense), this is one of those post-modern genre blends – the type that allows for the Holiday film to be reevaluated through the eyes of something more sinister. It is fun, it is actually quite memorable in the context of what makes it unique and above all, it is enjoyable to watch.

One should also add a quick remark for the cast – the couple help carry the film’s almost ‘Hallmark’ tone. They are engaged, but also artificially sweet in the best of Cinematic holiday traditions.

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