Voodoo Curse Awards 2022



WINNER Food 2.0 – “Fantastically grim. Yummy tummy.” 


Last Day – “The true horror here is the ‘man made’ horror of it all.”

SAD – “Creepy as hell, beautifully shot and highly atmospheric.” 

Mothering Sunday – “Equal parts hilariously entertaining and horribly poor taste. What a  lovely horror show!”

Orientation – “One of the best thought pieces of this season. Delightfully made.” 

Wyvern Hill – “Stylish at its core, this well-acted and nicely shot film highlights the importance and power of tone in the horror genre.” 

Headshots – “Disgusting in the best way.” 


Wyvern Hill – Nominated: Best Cinematography – “Beautifully shot, and nicely compiled… this is a film full of style and genre delights!”

TapeHead – Winner: Best Screenplay, Nominated: Best Score, Nominated: Best Ensemble Cast – “A great fun project full of nostalgia, art and bold performance choices… I should add, this has a fun runtime – a short feature special.” 

I’m Ready, Come In – Nominated: Best Actor (Matthew T. Walsh) – “Walsh brings a really strong human performance to this strange little treat.” 

The Ogress – Nominated: Best Screenplay, Nominated: Best Direction – “Great fun, nicely made and well… all in all great use of the horror genre to make entertainment on a tight budget!”

Headshots – Nominated: Best Actor (Jonathan Kim), Nominated: Best Direction, Winner: Short/Feature Film: Budget – between $1,000 – $5,000 – “This slick grim film excels mainly off the back of its set up… which is followed by a solid quality as it progresses. Rare for short horrors.” 

Virus – Nominated: Best Ensemble Cast, Nominated: Best Score – “Very atmospheric, and very nicely acted. One of the better quarantine films.”

Food 2.0 – Nominated: Best Cinematography, Nominated: Best Screenplay, Nominated: Best Actress (Kanon Narumi), Winner: Best Direction, Nominated: Best Ensemble Cast – “Deliciously disgusting. Don’t FEED ME THIS!”

L1ked – Winner: Best Editing, Nominated: Best Screenplay – “Reminiscient of Eli Roth’s Knock Knock, this film enjoys the impact of social horror and relationships on the knife’s edge.”

Scratched – Nominated: Best Actor (Joshua R. Pangborn) – “Pangborn does all he can to bring a great air of authenticity to this film, and it is rewarding. Also the colour filters used are great fun.” 

The Shed – Nominated: Best Score, Nominated: Best Screenplay, Nominated: Best Actor (Michael Sarioglu) – “Dekker brings us one fun Halloween themed film. It’s creepy and definitely has that fantastic slasher feeling about it.” 

Mothering Sunday – Nominated: Best Cinematography, Nominated: Best Actress (Pamela Kaval), Winner: Short/Feature Film: Budget – less than $1,000 – “Shot with style, this film is heartly gross. Love it.”

Father Time – Winner: Best Cinematography, Nominated: Best Ensemble Cast – “Stunning at every turn.” 

Ghosts – Winner: Special Mention – Best Art Direction – “The production design of this horror-comedy is a great bit of fun!” 

RED – Nominated: Best Score – “Atmospheric and charming as fable reenactments go. The music enhances this piece.” 

SAD – Nominated: Best Actress (Masha Abramzon), Nominated: Best Direction, Winner?: Best Cinematography – “Addressing some of our urban fears, SAD relies heavily (in a good way) on our own human anxieties.

Fear Frequency – Winner: Best Actress (Julienne Davis), Nominated: Best Score, Nominated: Best Editing – “The isolation and the emphasis of the film’s sense of dread is quite delicious.” 

Ofuda – Nominated: Best Actor (Yuta Inamatsu), Nominated: Best Director – “Stylish, bold and special.” 

The Invitation – Winner: Best Score, Nominated: Best Ensemble Cast, Nominated; Best Cinematography – “The Invitation is a delicate dance of trash and tension… in the best sense. We love it.” 

Last Day – Nominated: Best Direction, Nominated: Best Actor (Michael Baker), Nominated: Best Screenplay, Winner: Short/Feature Film: Budget – more than $5,000  – “The image of a man walking into an office setting armed with a gun is a very shocking sight. This is one of those psychological films that highlights the true nature of man – or perhaps, it’s true dark potential. The film’s scale is impressive for its budget as well.”

Birthday Boy – Nominated: Best Editing, Nominated: Best Ensemble Cast, Winner: Best Actor (Vince Eisenson) – “This retro feast is best served chilled. It never really let’s up. The closing punchline is great.”

Our Manor – Nominated: Best Ensemble Cast – “A set of strange characters live here, and they really do live in this film. It’s quite entertaining, and Michael John Chapman shows a great sense of B Movie crime vibes in his script/direction.”

Orientation – Nominated: Best Direction, Winner: Best Ensemble Cast – “Wow. Great style, great concept and… what fun performances all round!” 


Winner: The Last Lullabye – “Wild, scary and like a child’s nightmare.” / Nominees: Abhimanya: The darkness of Bhabhooti, Abducted, Phombies, The Monkey’s Paw, FURY, Cobi Garcia, The Jogger Park Predator


Winner: Mysteries Uncovered – “I wish Dnaiel Hoffstrom and Jason Ewert would edit my film trailers (Ben Rider).” / Nominees: Abhimanya: The darkness of Bhabhooti, Within Oneself, Mothering Sunday, Five Course Meal 


Best Script – Winner: Daisy Daisy – “The thing that one must love is the very classical horror tone of this script. It shines at every page turn.” / Nominees: Dreidel – “Reminiscent of the one silent classic (Der Golem), this horror is quite the Nazi feast.”, Everyone – “A strong visual and scary short.”, Video Nasty – “A delightful anthology. Right up our street. We hope this gets made!”

Best Scare – Winner: Man Cave – “A direct hit of a script with a strong use of a horror archetype location: the basement.” / Nominees: Sweet Dreams – “The blending of sci-fi and horror is a nice touch in this particular script.”, The Garden Ate – “At its core, the concept here is rather great. Also – fun title!” 

Best Script Technique – Winner: Witch – “A large production with many moments and characters to love.” / Nominees: Blonde Reckoning – “Complex, but well-presented ideas.”, Dreidel – “Concise and well crafted.”, Bound by Midnight – “The main powerful gritty part of this script is the great use of character. It’s really great.”, John Sunshine’s Lost Rock ‘N Roll Tapes – “A wide scope is delivered here, but it’s done with clarity and style.” 

Best Micro-Budget Script – Winner: The Jogger Park Predator – “A simple and very classic horror set up.” / Nominees: Final Girl – “Stylish and retro, this short really lives in a post-modern world… but it’s true highlight is its easy production level.”, Surprise – “Some of the script’s syntax is a little muddy, but this is also a great simple well designed little horror short that’s quite affordable.” 

Special Mention: Winner: Best Retro Style Script – “Mysteries Uncovered: The Pilot” – “What an awesome inspiring delight that recalls those late night TV shows/films that we all love!”

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