Werewolf Bite Awards 2021


Winner: Scarlet FM by Kevin Nicolini

“Despite the compact length, it feels like all the money has been spent in the right places here, giving the spooky radio premise a quality sheen of polish.” – Jamie Thornham

“Shorts rarely rev up such a solid delivery.” – Ben Rider (Festival Director)

” A simple, eerie premise executed with an endearingly retro aesthetic and some lightning pacing; Scarlet FM emits an intense frequency.” – Horrors4You team


Companion by John Darbonne – “A gritty post-apocalyptic thriller with plenty of ghost story plot twists. The warped movement and appearance of the titular Companion entities make them genuinely creepy.” Jamie Thornham,

Wasted on the Young by Joshua R. Pangborn Ashley Monique Menard – “Wasted… has a joyful B-movie sensibility, but the unorthodox protagonists and unhinged premise keep things intriguing.”Jamie Thornham

Sundown at Crimson, Episode One: Crimson Rising by Matt Mudd, Scott Levesque – “For less than $1,000, this ambitious 38 minute horror-comedy western hybrid really is a marvel, with superb costume design and impressive low-key cinematography.”Jamie Thornham



Encroachment by S.J. ThomasNominated: Best Actress (Tiara Arvinger) – “Arvinger brings a lot of heart and soul to this film.”

Bezerko by Laurent Bernatchez – Nominated: Best Editing – “The film’s form is greatly enhanced by its cognitive use of editing.”

Talking Therapy by Chris Brosnahan  – Nominated: Best Actor (Peter Neill) – “Neill walks a great thin line between comedy and creepy for this short. Brosnahan also does a great job colouring this with great effect – the lighting is very atmospheric.”

Oh Jeff! By Chris Rourke – Nominated: Longer Quarantine Short (lockdown category, 10+ mins), Nominated: Best Editing – “This ambitious lockdown film is rather barking mad.”

Pillarbox by Alex Chorley – Winner: Quarantine Short (lockdown category), Nominated: Best Actor (Alex Chorley) – “The film is simple in the kind of way – a true Camera Du Stylo presentation. Plus, Chorley is quite naturalistic in a horror scenario that’s off the wall.”

Free Videotapes by Nicholas Alexander – Nominated: Quarantine Short (lockdown category) – “This lovely genre celebration has a kind of ‘The Ring’ and ‘Videodrome’ combo going for it that is killer postmodern.”

Dissonance by Ramin Matin – Nominated: Longer Quarantine Short (lockdown category, 10+ mins), Winner: Best Editing – “The film’s black and white presentation is quite fun, but it is really the edit – with its random vocal sounds and repetition, which make the film an experimental horroresque delight.”

Malarkey by Justin Edwards – Nominated: Best Actress (Juliette Edwards), Winner: Best Actor (Justin Edwards), Winner: Special Mention – Best Duo – “These characters are sort of annoying in the best of ways… and (Justin) Edwards really brings home a great feeling of energy with it. The duo are just punching at a very specific level of quality. It’s great fun. (PS. When’s the feature project due?).”

The Other One by Roberto Colapietro – Nominated: Best Director – “The main highlight here is the craft – there’s a great sense of individual effort in the directorial choices of making this film as layered and technically specific, despite the lockdown restrictions. Also, one should note – Colapietro does a great job in acting as his own subject matter.”

After Hours by Christian Rushbrooke – Nominated: Longer Quarantine Short (lockdown category, 10+ mins), Nominated: Best Cinematography – “The film has a great feeling about it, largely shaped by the very solid use of space and light… the photography here is above average when it comes to lockdown films, and it really helps the project shine.”

Eleusis by Andej Gavriss – Winner: Longer Quarantine Short (lockdown category, 10+ mins), Nominated: Ivan Dorn, Winner: Special Mention: Production Design – “The film is a robust epic of strong images, bold performances and… just a glamorous showdown of cinephilia! BRAVO!”

Parallel Realms by Tory Rotlisberger, Vanessa Vann – Nominated: Best Editing – “A little retro horror delight. One of the more original covid themed films!”

Fly Girl by Gaia Mondadori – Nominated: Best Screenplay, Nominated: Best Actress, Winner: Best Score – “Mondadori does wonders with the format of a monologue. The music is especially painful.”


Red Pill by Tonya Pinkins – Winner: Best Ensemble Cast, Nominated: Best Director, Nominated: Best Screenplay, Winner: Best Actress (Tonya Pinkins) – “Pinkins provides one outstanding central performance which her peers build around so brilliantly that one basically forgets this is an indie film – I should add, the directing is also very on point and the photography is very consistent. It is a whacky scary political horror – one that comes loaded with a message. All in all, this is one hard pill to swallow (in the best of ways).”

To Grow by Abbie Cornwell – Nominated: Short/Feature Film: Budget – between $1,000 – $5,000 – “The film’s scale, and its stylish delivery, is the winning aspect of it. It has a sort of balance of grandness that is paid off greatly by how isolated the main character is within this overwhelming canvas. The intimacy and pace is quite engrossing.”

Scarlet FM by Kevin Nicolini – Winner: Best Director, Winner: Best Cinematography, Nominated: Best Actor (Paul Valy) – “So good… So atmospheric… The look is so delicious. It reminds me of Lost Highway… The performances (even that of the radio voice) are just BRILLIANT! – you must take this ride!” 

Crescendo by Stephen Papadimitriou – Winner: Short/Feature Film: Budget – between $1,000 – $5,000 – “The film’s style and scale are big and bold. This one has a touch of the retro Dario Argento vibes. Real cool.”

Drag by Casey Ruggieri – Nominated: Best Cinematography – “Despite the chill factor, this one is full of photographic pleasures.” 

Glitch by Ahmed Seddiek – Nominated: Best Editing, Nominated: Short/Feature Film: Budget – between $1,000 – $5,000 – “The film boasts some impressive moments, but its runtime is confused: is this a short film or a feature film? – ultimately this is a great psychological thriller that tastes almost like a horror.” 

Echoes of Kerberos by Steve Brock – Nominated: Best Editing – “The film’s pace is a little slow (script, performance delivery pace issues that is), but there is a great sense of editing technique and an understanding of when a cut should occur.”

Venge by Eric Ruiz – Nominated: Best Ensemble Cast – “There’s a great sense of casting here, and an understanding of character.”

Alone by Jason Pitts – Nominated: Best Screenplay – “The foundation and intention of the film is quite solid.” 

6 by Braxton Fannin – Nominated: Best Director, Nominated: Best Actor (Sebastian Delascasas), Winner: Best Screenplay – “This is one classy project. An original spin on a tired subgenre, with a solid style and great performance. Shorts rarely get better than this!”

The Sky Below by Charlie Rose – Winner: Special Mention: Best Animation Film, Nominated: Best Score – “What a delightful treat!”

Hair of the Wolf by Luke Jackson – Winner: Best Editing – “Jackson’s film finds comedy in the nature of the edit – he finds a pace and comparison of particular details that help bring about that lovely chuckle.”

Sundown at Crimson, Episode One: Crimson Rising by Matt Mudd, Scott Levesque – Winner: Short/Feature Film: Budget – less than $1,000 – “Outstanding. The detail, the texture, the tone. Just outstanding!”

Art by Ian Marioles – Nominated: Best Ensemble Cast, Nominated: Best Cinematography – “There’s a lot of effort in this one. The photography is quite engaging, and the cast of characters is exciting.”

Mud Pie by Nicholas Alexander – Nominated: Short/Feature Film: Budget – less than $1,000 – “The simple premise pays off in the long run – there’s atmosphere and it is indeed a horror show!”

A Reasonable Doubt by Rémi Delissen – Winner: Special Mention – Best VFX – “The film has a great fluid look to it. Very unique.” 

One Day by Daniel Mironov – Nominated: Best Actor (Daniel Mironov) – “Mironov’s performance is hardly the driving force of the film (for a one man show this is too long), however – he provides a great feeling of realism to the content… he is almost what you’d expect from someone in a documentary… something else might suit him better in the long run – a more varied role, a bigger film.”

Wasted on the Young by Joshua R. Pangborn, Ashley Monique Menard – Nominated: Short/Feature Film: Budget – less than $1,000 – “This is some weird insane shit! Really great.”

Make A Noise by Jon Kent – Nominated: Best Score (Jon Kent), Winner: Special Mention: A Perfect Slice – “Here’s what I love about indie films – these homegrown efforts at times are very clearly a one man band film… but rarely are they done with such strong technique (note: the use of cinematography and editing is perfectly paired, hence our special mention prize)… oh, and the score is so brilliantly on point! – congrats to Samantha Shaw – she’s got the perfect starter role here… so now one asks – can these two pair up again and make something a little longer… with a complete scream queen performance?!”

My Dying Heart by Stuart G. Robertson – Nominated: Best Actor (Michael Lake) – “As indie small items go (especially those with these video calls), this is an impressive film thanks to its lead performance – as well as the energy surrounding him (the edit and music help a lot).”

Love Bites by Andrew Rothkin – Nominated: Best Actress (Alyssa Accardo) – “Accardo brings a great energy to the role, and her co-stars really play off of this in the best of fashions.”

The Central Authorities by Kristin West – Nominated: Best Screenplay – “The overall tone of the piece is doom heavy and comically done… ultimately the film really is held by its large scale of post-modernist forms… but it is the philosophical thoughts it provides which are best.”

CADUCEA by Christophe Mavroudis – Winner: Short/Feature Film: Budget – more than $5,000, Nominated: Best Director (Christophe Mavroudis) – “The film’s handling of fantastical myth, performance and set pieces is fantastic.”

Companion by John Darbonne – Nominated: Best Director, Nominated: Best Ensemble Cast, Nominated: Best Cinematography – “The film’s sense of realism is greatly enhanced as a cinematic object through its strong understanding of the importance of believable and relatable performance, as well as some really stunning rich textures that often capture both the actors and the space with a great sense of style. It is quite an impressive indie film.”

– No entries.


Best Script: Winner: The Fallout by Dominic Flanagan – “The film has a sort of ‘just shoot this already’ feeling. It hits the beats and is nicely delivered, almost novelistic.” / Nominees: Charlie Horowitz by Dillon Fuhrman – “Too long, but really nicely written. This would make a fun horror film!”, SOMA by Ian Hand – “This doesn’t look like an easy one to film, but it is sure well written and a bit of a horror delight!”, The Skull by Philip Hardy – “I’d happily watch this. Not sure there’s a better compliment. (Festival Director)”, The Calling by Steven Bogart – “Epic by design, almost like a John Ford film.”, The Clan by John Halligan – “The design and concept are quite beautifully conceived.”, Dead Head Hunter by Jon Tamburini – “The scale of the script is quite impressive, and the mixing of genre is exciting.”

Best Scare:  Winner: Anima by Luke Ollerton – “The payoff is here, and the material is really good… but the length is a lot for a feature horror and might be a bit of a monster to produce.” / Nominees: Underpasses by Robin Johnston – “A sure festival potential – ie this short will be one festival programmers will enjoy – this is an ‘on point’ script loaded with serious and realistic horror potential.”, Rat by Paul Harker – “Gross. Just gross. Which is a compliment in the horror genre.”, Brookville by Andrea Carlisle – “Beautifully atmospheric, though a little confusing by its runtime (is this a pilot or a feature or ?)… lovely world-building, reminiscent of recent Netflix efforts, such as Stranger Things and Riverdale.”, Dream Files by Gregory Terlecki – “Great set up material here. Punchy and stylish.”, Night of the Living Ned by The Adamsons – “Great set up and concept – watch out for those edit instructions (wrong syntax in use) and horror scripts aren’t this long usually… unless you are Romero.”, The White Road by Layton Green – “Plenty of great atmosphere in here. Reminiscent of some 80’s John Carpenter films.”, 7 Evils by Antoinette Fernandez – “A great web series set up, and a solid potential for multiple extensions. Great atmosphere too. Actors will enjoy the retro archetype vibes.”

Best Script Technique: Winner: Homefront by D.K. Renee – “This script is a flex of some serious research and genre understanding! BRAVO!” Nominees: What Lurkes by Patty Ray – “This is a clean script – well written and concise.”, Go to Sleep by Diana Djurcinovska – “Epic in a way, and quite grand.”, The Morrigan by Billy Bison – “Beautifully designed and well written.”, Monarch by Deborah Solice – “Well thought out and nicely constructed, though perhaps at times too ambitious for the indie scene.”, I’m Coming for You by Glenn Lissner – “This is a tight and solid script.”, Demonica by John Austin – “The script has a confusing runtime, but shy of that it is a nice clean and very clear read.”

Best Micro-Budget Script: Winner: Lacking The Boggart by Edward Murden – “Well conceived and well delivered in a small budget space that would keep most producers quite happy.” / Nominees: Graven by Michael Clifton – “instantly filmable and cost-effective, not to mention fun.”, The French Pebble by Abdi Hussein – “The script, though set in a school, has a great indie seclusion about it.”, Sins of the Father by Tristan M. Corrigan with contributions from Anthony Tallarico and Vanessa M. H. Powers – “Messy syntax… lovely tone and smart human horror content. As a feature, this is quite cheap (in a good way).”, Amy by Michael Feldsher – “Easily ready for shooting.”, Lab Partners by Tommy Britt – “The script contains a very manageable setup. It is also quite nicely delivered within its simple confines.”

Special Mention for Scripts – Winner: Most Unique Title: The Morrigan by Billy Bison – “The script has a sort of locale feeling to it which is a delight to directors… it will entice one’s artistic vision.” Winner: Best Genre Merge: The Grand Bay Hotel by Steven Blows – “This almost reads as a comedy it is that nicely situated between scenario and genre pleasures.”, Winner: Best Epic Horror Join Us by Tory Basoren – “Epic in scale and enticingly so.”, Winner: Best Female Protagonist – K. Jennifer Ilagan – “This unique title has a strong female protagonist with a real commercial value.”

Winner: Eleusis by Andej Gavriss“This is one sexy poster – it couldn’t be more of a tease for the wonderful world that inhabits this film.”

Finalists: Brookville by Andrea Carlisle – “the road is a dangerous appetite”, CRUCIFIX EXECUTIONER: KILLER INSTINCT by Duncan Cunningham – “Clearly a retro horror delight.”

Nominees: 6 by Braxton Fannin, Gone by Midnight by JW Richardson, Saber by Austen J Sprake, Parallel Realms – Last Covid Standing by Tory Rotlisberger and Vanessa Vann, The Lake Parasite by Joe Reilly and 7 Evils by Antoinette Fernandez.

Winner – Best Grindhouse Trailer: She Dogs of the SS by Joe Cash  – “Drive-in madness right here!”

Winner – Best Concept Film: Free Videotapes by Nicholas Alexander – “The film has a great simple horror concept.”

Winner: The Yule Lord by Jake Bentley – “The trailer has a certain air of class about it. There’s something cerebral, dark and teasing here.”

Nominees: Rabbitsnake by Jonny Stranger, Slutty the Clown by Joe Cash, Slutty the Clown II by Joe Cash, Camping Fun by Thomas Burke and David Eimer, Dorm by Elisabeth Stanis, Maniac Cat (A Bloodycat B Movie) by Franklyn and Gone Bye Midnight by JW Richardson.

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